Courses to develop and build internal capability

Take people management to a new level in your organization with our specialist training courses for HR and hiring managers. Working closely with our occupational psychologists and business professionals your teams will become self-sufficient with the right skills to sift, select, identify, and develop the best employees. From just a few hours to several days, each course provides an opportunity to focus on key areas for effective selection and development.

Before each session, we’ll get to know the needs and work styles of delegates - including your organization’s culture - and tailor all training and materials accordingly. We provide open courses throughout the year, as well as in-house training which can be delivered onsite at a venue of your choice. The result is a series of engaging learning experiences that are responsive to the priorities of course organizers and delegates.


“It was incredibly insightful. I am walking away as a better manager and recognizer of talent!”

Course feedback, L’Oreal

  • PAPI 3 and CTRQ

    Two world-class instruments in two days. Earn assessment administration credits equal to half the cost!

    PAPI 3 and CTRQ - 2 days

    PAPI $1195. CTRQ $300.

    User Training: Open enrollment training in Northfield, IL (Greater Chicago)

    PAPI 3 Model and Instrument:

    • Pre-work: A 3-4 hour, self-paced e-learning course
    • Workshop: A 1.5 day, in-person practicum to learn and practice the principles and nuances of interpretation, delivering feedback and planning for development


    CTRQ Model and Instrument

    • Light pre-reading and a one-half day orientation to the instrument, best practice applications and its complementary value with the PAPI 3


    Register four weeks or more prior to training.

    Contact Valerie Compher: or 847.441.1847 or Submit interest using the template above


    PAPI:               $1195.            Includes 5 free PAPI™3 administrations ($450 value)

    CTRQ:            $  300.             Includes 5 free CTRQ administrations ($300 value)


    Workshop includes PAPI e-learning course, pre-reads, workshop materials, User’s Guides, personal PAPI™3 and CTRQ assessments and wide range of reports and up to $750 worth of assessment credit.

    Contact Cubiks to arrange for onsite User Training for your team or group.


    Available dates*

    * All courses can be delivered at an alternative venue of your choice. For more details, contact your local office.
    • Jan 26-27 2017
    • Mar 23-24 2017
    • May 18-19 2017
    • July 27-28 2017
    • Sept 28-29 2017
    • Nov 30- Dec 1 2017

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