Cubiks Hire

Attract, engage and match the best talent

Attracting the very best candidates and finding those that closely fit a role can be a complex and resource-heavy process, especially when you’ve got high volumes of applicants. You’ll want to accurately assess the suitability of candidates while both keeping them engaged and highlighting what’s great about your business.

With a strong screening process, only the best applicants reach the selection stage. By automatically shortlisting those with the closest fit to the role, your team will be free to spend more time with the people they most want to meet.

With Cubiks Hire you can:


Speed up pre-selection by quickly assessing ability, behavior and fit


Showcase your brand and offer candidates a preview of the role


Automatically make objective decisions which are grounded in science

Cubiks Hire is a dynamic pre-selection solution that saves time for recruiters while showcasing your organization. With a range of modules, you’ll have the option to include a behavioral assessment, an abilities test and a competency-based test. Plus, you’ll have the option to add unique content to connect the assessments with your employer brand.

For simplicity, we can integrate Cubiks Hire with your applicant tracking system (ATS). No ATS? No problem. Our automated application function allows candidates to self-register and complete Cubiks Hire as part of your recruitment process.

Cubiks Hire

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In Brief

Automatically filter out up to 75% of applicants

Improve engagement and allow your brand to shine

Available in a range of languages for global organizations

Seamless process can reduce time to hire by as much as 50%

Add efficiency to decrease recruitment costs

Culturally sensitive

Simple administration, with easy access to insightful reports

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