360 Feedback

The power of 360 revealed

Delivering feedback isn’t an easy task. Those giving feedback need to know how to stimulate productive conversation and put their reports at ease. At the same time, the process needs to be honest and fair. Striking this balance is an art; that’s why training is essential if you want 360 feedback to be done at its best.

With 360 Feedback you can:

Communicate best practice principles of feedback delivery

Equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to confidently deliver feedback

Trust Cubiks to deliver feedback on your behalf


Our consultants can manage feedback delivery for you, applying their extensive knowledge to help participants learn from the outcomes of their assessments. We will engage with the participant, encouraging them to reflect on the information from their assessment reports and providing them with tips to assist with their future development planning.

Alternatively, we can train your staff in the best practice principles of feedback delivery through interactive sessions that focus on techniques that are proven to work. With this training, HR and line managers will be able to interpret the reports from Cubiks assessment tools accurately and confidently deliver feedback to participants.

In Brief

Build effective 360 feedback delivery channels across your organization

Engage, encourage and assist employees with future development planning

Combine interactive training sessions with ongoing support to ensure objective, consistent feedback delivery

Let our experts manage the entire process or train your people to conduct feedback in-house

Call upon multi-language support for rolling out a global approach

"It was crucial that the partner we chose had a global footprint that matched ours, as well as the flexibility to adapt their tools and processes to our values. Cubiks demonstrated these attributes as well as a professionalism and quality orientation that fitted perfectly with our own ethos. With the input filtering in from the leadership assessment process, we have been able to strengthen succession planning. Thanks to Cubiks, we now have a world-class process to identify leaders and high potentials and put in place their development plans, ensuring that we have a very healthy succession pipeline.”
Corporate HR Manager, ArcelorMittal

Corporate HR Manager, ArcelorMittal

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