Personalized talent solutions to overcome your workforce challenges.

Personalized talent management solutions designed to fit your needs

Your organization isn’t generic, so your talent strategy shouldn’t be either. Our personalized talent management solutions are designed to address your organization’s unique challenges and provide you with exactly the information you need.

With impactful solutions that improve efficiency and deliver outcomes, we provide compelling insight that enables you to optimize all aspects of talent management

Solutions powered by science

Our in-house team of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists is dedicated to continuously advancing the science behind our talent management solutions. Whether your assessments are online or live, we’re confident you’ll experience the predictive power and personality insights you need in your assessment solutions.

Screen & Select

Utilize Cubiks’ pre-hire assessments to deliver an engaging candidate experience while screening efficiently and strengthening your employer brand. Our assessment insights help you focus your interview and predict performance.

Identify & Develop

Identify hidden talent and unlock potential while boosting self-awareness. Build high performance teams and enhance the skills your employees need to deliver outstanding results. 

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Screen Candidates

Reduce your time-to-hire by screening out up to 75% of candidates through our flexible and engaging pre-employment  assessment solution.


Select The Best

From Job Profile Reports to Competency Based Interview Guides, we can help you select the best candidates into the right roles and ensure a positive job-fit.

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Identify Talent

Take the guesswork out of identifying high potentials throughout your workforce. Leverage objective data to shine a spotlight on future leaders.

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Develop Your Workforce

Empower your employees to realize their full potential and help raise   organizational performance for the long-term.

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