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At Cubiks we’re driven to help people to achieve their potential. Our employee development solutions combine this passion with scientific insight, flexible technology, and extensive client and industry knowledge to deliver transformative learning experiences. Employees who are empowered and supported to reach their full potential are the fuel that drives successful organizations. Successful employee development programs deliver improved productivity, increased employee engagement and stronger business results.

Whether you need to raise self-awareness across the organization, truly understand the growth potential of key employees or dramatically boost team effectiveness, we have the insights and expertise to help your organization raise performance now, and into the future.

Drive individual success. Invigorate teams. Elevate organizational performance.

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Enhance self-awareness

Help your people to understand the impact they make on others by capturing and delivering feedback that drives change.

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Accurately diagnose capability

Truly understand individual capability and organizational bench-strength by expertly diagnosing hidden strengths and key development areas.

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Accelerate workforce development

Turn self-awareness into growth and positive change. Support key talent with targeted development planning and coaching from experts.

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Make the right decisions

Place the right individuals into the right roles and provide them with the stretch opportunities needed to achieve their full potential.

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Transform team effectiveness

Create high performing teams by helping individuals maximize collective strengths and overcome dysfunctional team behaviors.

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Recognise key patterns and trends

Leverage group diagnostic analyses to identify blind spots and group development opportunities.

Expert diagnostics to really understand your workforce.

Cubiks assessments provide the insights needed to pinpoint each person’s key development priorities. And with sophisticated people analytics services, we can help you to recognize trends and risks that may have been unclear.

Develop your employees with an efficient toolset.


Receive high impact development suggestions to enable growth and behavioral change.

Cubiks 360

Select from our range of high quality 360 questionnaires or build a personalized 360 solution to measure critical competencies.

Potential Indicator

Measure the four key areas that underpin individual potential.

The Cubiks Team Role Questionnaire

Create high-performing teams by identifying team role preferences, strengths, and blind spots.

Dynamic Dashboards

Ask our People Analytics experts to create dynamic dashboards that automatically analyze assessment data and identify strategic use of development resources.

Potential Perspectives

Enable line managers to provide input for high potential identification with this sophisticated multi-rater assessment.

Accelerate the development of leaders and key talent within your workforce

“People Matter” is more than just a motto at Cubiks. Every day, our consultants play a critical role in helping organizations gain a deeper understanding of their people. We work with clients worldwide, to help them discover hidden talents and confirm which individuals possess the self-awareness, motivation and critical competencies needed to thrive in a fast-track position.

We have been delivering development centers for high potentials, emerging leaders, and key executives for over 20 years. Our consultants know how to establish instant credibility with key players in a business, and our comfort operating at senior-levels also means we know how to make selection, promotion or restructuring recommendations in a way that resonates with top executives. [more...]

We truly believe that every organization is unique. We’ll consult with you to understand your budget, timelines, and key talent and competency frameworks, so we can create a solution that is truly fit-for-purpose and  reflects your company’s brand, style and culture. Drawing from our toolbox of personality profiles, potential assessment tools, 360 feedback solutions and simulation exercises, we create learning experiences that are highly challenging, engaging and satisfying.

Transform team effectiveness through employee development

When high performing teams begin to struggle or fail to live up to expectations, the first instinct can often be to attempt to ‘fix’ particular individuals. But often, the factors that undermine team effectiveness run deep and relate to issues including work styles, communication, decision-making preferences and the team’s collective influencing style [more...]

If this resonates with you, we can help. Beyond our leadership development portfolio, we also have a wealth of experience in facilitating team development workshops that allow teams to quickly achieve key ‘ah-hah’ moments.

Make learning stick for successful personal development

Evidence shows that companies are often disappointed in the return they see on their personal development initiatives. Too often, individuals identify key development areas, but fail to convert that heightened self-awareness into change or growth. We can help.[more...]

By helping individuals understand what drives their behavior and how they are perceived by others, we empower people to progress with a sense of clarity, direction and purpose. We help individuals identify which changes will be the most impactful and give them actionable steps to achieve their goals.


With the support of our consultants and coaches, we’ll empower your people to strive for success. With over 115,000 development assessments delivered every year, you can rely on our expertise to find your ideal solution.








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