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Looking for a better way to identify and develop your high potentials? Worried your company is missing out on potential, lacking diversity, and at risk of weak bench strength? Our experts specialize in talent identification by designing and delivering effortless solutions for finding and supporting high potential employees across your workforce.

Discover and nurture your HiPos with our comprehensive approach, customized for your organization. We’ll provide the expert consultation you need, plus assessments built from our robust and scientifically valid model of potential. The result is a powerful solution that delivers data-driven insights and a common language for your talent mapping and succession planning discussions.

Don't miss out on potential

Rely on Cubiks to deliver the ideal solution that identifies your hidden talent to ensure no HiPo is undiscovered. We’ll partner with you from start to finish, finding those people vital to your future success and accelerating their development.

Build science into your talent identification program for incredible results.

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Look everywhere

Don’t miss out on hidden potential. We can explore any population you require, from new recruits through to your most senior team.

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Learn more

Get valuable information to accelerate development, with concise, clear reports that evaluate the core dimensions that underpin potential.

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Gain structure

Benefit from a robust and consistent framework for understanding, discussing, and assessing potential within your organization.

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Be objective

Your potential solution will be fair, robust and valid. 

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Delve into data

Plug in People Analytics to start exploring trends and new insights via our interactive data dashboards.

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Take it further

Deep dive into the strengths and development areas of key talents with our expertly designed Development Centers.

Incisive tools. Responsive services. Proven expertise.

Integrating robust assessments and expert guidance, we’ll deliver a potential solution that creates results.

Outstanding talent tools. Take your pick.

Personality Questionnaires

Get to know what drives people with PAPI -  industry’s leading personality questionnaire.

Ability Tests

Test cognitive ability, the single biggest predictor of performance with Cubiks’ Logiks series.

Potential Assessments

Bring objectivity to your HiPo identification process with the Cubiks Model of Potential.

Assessment & Development Centers

Explore business critical competencies with immersive face-to-face assessments and simulations.

People Analytics

Support your strategic initiatives with the insights delivered through our interactive dashboards.

Potential Perspectives

Gain insight from reviewers to get the full picture on a person’s strengths and development areas.


Arm your people with the targeted detail they need through a variety of off-the-shelf and custom reports.

Let’s tackle your high potential challenges

We all want to ensure our people can achieve their full potential.  But most organizations struggle with identifying and developing high potential employees. Many struggle to maintain consistency and fairness in their talent identification programs. As a result, hidden talent fails to self-present, HiPo programs lack diversity, bench strength suffers and, the HiPo program drop-out rate increases.
These challenges are far too common and are a key reason why many organizations report that their HiPo programs failt to achieve business objectives. Our team of I-O consultants understand these issues and are ready to help you tackle your challenges around identifying and developing high potentials. [more...]

You need a partner you can trust to design a fair,  robust and scientifically grounded potential identification or development solution. Whether you want to assess your entire workforce, or a small segment, we’ll bring you the insight you need to make informed talent decisions. We can even help you get a head start by integrating potential identification within your selection process.
With our proprietary combination of cutting-edge technology, expert advice and valid assessments, you can rely on our insights to ensure top talent is identified objectively.

Welcome to your perfect HiPo solution

When it comes to identifying potential, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our team will build the potential solution you need. You’ll get robust assessments that explore the factors proven to indicate high potential, based on our scientifically researched model. As your trusted partner, our consultants will work alongside you bringing a wealth of ideas, support, and guidance. [more...]

Experience has taught us that your success depends on getting buy-in from key stakeholders. To ensure you’re sending the right message, we’ll work with you to build a communication plan that will engage and educate key stakeholders and employees around the process, creating a shared understanding amongst your people about what potential is and how your talent identification program works. 
From profile reports to development reports, both employees and line managers will receive the information they need to in an easy-to-understand format. To take insights to the next level, add-on our Analytics (link to PA webpage) services to access interactive dashboards that enable you to quickly explore key trends across your HiPo population. 
Once we’ve helped you design your potential assessment process, you’ll be ready to start illuminating hidden potential, leveraging the strength of your people and driving your organization to achieve better business results.


Backed by extensive research and a robust model of potential, you can be confident that you’re finding the real potential you need.








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