Identify and engage the best talent

Personalized pre-hire candidate screening solutions that shows you the full picture

Every business is different, and so is every role. To quickly and efficiently find the best matched candidate for their skills and your culture, you need to assess them on the characteristics that matter most. You need the complete candidate picture, and you need it quickly. Cubiks Hire enables you to do this. 

The intentionally flexible modular design of Cubiks Hire gives you the power to select only the assessment solutions you need yet provides simplified aggregated reporting for efficient screening. Our consultants will advise, configure and design the right combination of assessments for you.


Pre-Hire screening that balances efficiency with a great candidate experience

Whether you want to showcase your employer values, identify how candidates will behave in a variety of work situations, or gain clear insights into each applicant’s judgment and work styles, Cubiks Hire can help you to evaluate all of these aspects with a single, comprehensive process.

Elevate the candidate experience by infusing your employer brand and own content throughout the assessment process. Why not include a realistic job preview, a video from your CEO, or a list of your workplace awards? The options are limitless.  What story would you like to share with your candidates?

Attract and accelerate your screening process. Find your best match.

Screen candidates faster

Reduce your workload by screening out up to 75% of applicants. You could reduce time-to-hire by half.


Outshine and outpace the competition with a screening solution that engages candidates and moves them from application to interview efficiently.

Identify the best candidates

Leverage validated or custom job profiles to generate a Best Match score that accounts for multiple aspects of the candidate’s overall fit to a role.

The complete candidate picture

Go beyond personality and ability by activating modules that assess situational judgment, work style, language fluency, and values & culture alignment.

Save money

Let the screening solution do the heavy lifting so you can conserve resources and spend quality time with the final candidates.

Stand out

Showcase what makes you a great employer by infusing your own brand, content and messaging  throughout the assessment process.

Gain insight

Get to know your candidates before you meet them with our comprehensive reports and candidate specific interview guides.

Go global 

Scale globally with a single process that is culturally adapted and available in a wide range of languages.

The perfect blend of expertise, smart tools and flexible services

We’ll build a personalized candidate screening solution you’ll be proud to share. Get challenging, interactive assessments, scientific results, automatic scoring, insightful reports and much more Cubiks Hire

Improve your candidate screening process with the following tools.

Personality Questionnaires

Get to know what drives people with the industry’s leading personality questionnaire.

Ability Tests

Test cognitive ability, the single biggest predictor of performance with Cubiks’ Logiks series. 


Explore how candidates may respond to situations they will experience at work.

Values and Culture

Allow candidates to identify how well their values align with organization’s values & culture.

People Analytics

Support your strategic initiatives with the insights delivered through our interactive dashboards.

Integration & Technology

Embed technology that seamlessly interacts across platforms and providers.


Arm your people with the targeted detail they need through a variety of off-the-shelf and custom reports.

Potential Assessments

Bring objectivity to your HiPo identification process with the Cubiks Model of Potential.

It’s time to optimize recruitment

Recruiters today face the daunting challenge of needing to efficiently screen candidates to ensure a short time-to-hire, while delivering a positive and memorable experience that engages candidates. The answer lies in combining incredible experiences with the very latest selection technology.
Our team will create the ideal combination of engaging content and scientifically-grounded assessments, bringing you a seamless assessment experience that efficiently screens out the least suitable candidates and automatically advances the best  candidates to the next stage. [more...]
We’ll configure your solution specifically to your organization, personalizing it to focus on what’s most important to you and the open role. This leaves you free to spend quality time getting to know the candidates who align most closely with the ideal candidate profile.
This enhanced focus, plus the insights gained from your candidate reports will ensure you are ideally positioned to select individuals who really fit your role requirements and company culture.


Pre-hire screening that combines experience with science


You don’t want your candidate selection system to be just like everyone else’s. You want to highlight all the amazing things that makes your organization an attractive employer. With us, you’ll get a candidate screening solution that enhances your branding and really demonstrates your value.
Whether providing candidates with insight into your organization’s values, or embedding high-impact video content, we have the technology and track record to develop an award-winning solution for you. We’re proud to offer a screening assessment solution that is both engaging and predictive. [more...]
We know the HR technology space is full of shiny objects with complex designs and outlandish claims. We believe that providing a positive candidate experience and relying on scientific rigor are not mutually exclusive. We are confident Cubiks Hire will deliver a memorable,  yet efficient and reliable evaluation of your candidates’ ’ competencies, potential, abilities and personality.


We’re not shy about telling you our creative candidate screening solutions have won many awards. That’s because our happy clients have experienced impressive cost savings, reduced time-to-hire and cut dropout rates by up to 30%. Is your organization ready to experience impressive results?








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