Make the perfect match

Get the right people in the right roles

Provide a positive candidate experience through unique assessment solutions that extend your employer brand and showcase what’s great about working for you. Identify the candidates who are likely to succeed through engaging assessments that explore ability, behavior, personality, potential and culture-match.

We’ll design a personalized candidate selection process that delivers challenging live and online assessment experiences that truly reflect the reality of the role. 

Spend your hiring time wisely

Selecting quality candidates doesn’t need to be exhausting and time consuming. Our robust assessments quickly provide the insight you need to make informed decisions. With concise feedback reports and suggested interview questions, you’ll be able to focus your time on the most important aspects of the candidate’s profile.

A candidate selection solution for every scenario

Mid-level to Senior Executive selection

With its modular design, Cubiks Hire can also provide the depth and insight required for even the most senior roles. Whether online, offline or a combination of both, our  assessment solutions deliver a superb candidate experience.

Make an impression. Choose the best talent. Cut hiring time.

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Hire your competitors top candidates


Cubiks clients have reduced time-to-hire by up to 50%. Outpace the competition to secure top talent first.

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Meet only the best candidates


By only progressing the candidates who aligned closely with validated job profiles, we helped a leading UK retailer increase their interview success ratio from 1:3 to 2:3.

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Dramatic cost savings


Our customers report their optimized selection processes have saved up to $1M per year.

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Discover powerful insight


Bring accuracy and objectivity into your selection process with a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom reports.

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Scale globally


Our reach is wide. With assessments delivered in 195 countries and over 25 languages, we can help you scale your talent assessment initiatives globally.

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Be bold and beautiful


Let your organization shine. Our consultants will design a solution that truly showcases your employer brand and excite candidates.

Incisive tools. Responsive services. Proven expertise.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to candidate selection. Your company is unique and so are your roles. Allow our consultants to design the perfect candidate selection solution to achieve your goals.

Outstanding talent tools. Take your pick.

Personality Questionnaires

Get to know what drives people, with the industry’s leading personality questionnaires.

Ability Tests

Test cognitive ability, the single biggest predictor of performance with Cubiks’ Logiks series. 

Assessment Centers

Support your strategic initiatives with the insights delivered through our interactive dashboards.

Potential Assessments

Bring objectivity to your HiPo identification process with the Cubiks Model of Potential.

People Analytics

Uncover hidden trends and continuously improve your people processes.

Integration & Technology

Embed technology that seamlessly interacts across platforms and providers.


Arm your people with the targeted detail they need through a variety of off-the-shelf and custom reports.

Overcome your candidate selection challenges

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, recruiters face an increasingly competitive marketplace. Top candidates are scarce, budgets are tight, and expectations are high. Attracting and selecting top talent continues to be mission critical, yet it comes with an array of challenges. For many, combining accuracy, efficiency and a great candidate experience is a struggle. How can you ensure you’re making the best possible selection decisions? How do you outpace your competition when it comes to attracting the best talent?
No recruitment challenge is too big for the Cubiks experts. [more...]

By blending decades of experience with the latest advances in science and technology, we build assessment solutions that deliver results. As your partner, we’ll identify what is essential for success in your roles and help define the ideal candidate profile. We’ll then build a process to accurately assess your candidates and deliver the information you need to make confident hiring decisions.

With selection solutions that go way beyond assessing competencies, ability and values, we make sure you get a whole-person view of the candidate.
Our consultants are passionate about designing engaging assessment experiences that celebrate the uniqueness of your business and culture. That’s why we designed our assessment platform to transform the traditional assessment experience into an opportunity for a two-way exchange of information. Candidates leave feeling informed and engaged, while the science works behind the scenes to ensure the selection process is predictive and fair. 

With a versatile portfolio of off-the-shelf assessments and reports, we can support the shortest timelines for implementation. Bringing you powerful insight, simple administration, and great candidate experiences right out of the box. Whether off-the-shelf or highly personalised, we’ll have just the right solution for your business.

Get a personalized solution, built around what matters most to you

Your talent selection solution will include the ideal combination of assessments to explore all the critical elements for success in your roles. This may include a combination of ability tests, situational judgment tests, personality questionnaires, values & culture match and potential assessments. Whether the ideal approach is a multiple hurdle process or a multi-assessment design that generates a single comprehensive report, our assessment platform and reporting technology are ready to meet your needs. [more...]

Take the design to the next level with customized report content and enhanced employer branding it to make it really yours.
Of course, our goal is to bring you crucial information about your candidates, so you can make the best possible decisions about their fit with the role. But we do more than design world-renowned assessments. We’ll consult with you from the very start to design the ideal candidate experience and report content, but the partnership doesn’t end there. We stick with you to ensure you have all the support and insight you need throughout the whole process, and beyond. 


The smartest employers are already reaping the benefits of Cubiks’ selection solutions. They’ve seen massive reductions in time to hire, boosts to diversity, decreases in drop-out rates, and cost savings of as much as $1m per year. Isn’t it time you joined them?








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