Quickly find your best match


Comprehensive assessments that help you quickly identify the talent best matched to your roles. Whether dealing with large or small candidate volumes, Hire will find the candidates most likely to succeed in your organization.

To find your best match you need the right combination of assessments. Assessments that give you results and insights that empower you to make the best screening and selection decisions – quickly, easily and with confidence. 

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Cubiks Hire focuses on what drives performance in your organization, and for your specific roles.

With a ‘best-match’ score and group report ranking, Cubiks Hire empowers you to make data-driven hiring decisions quickly, so you can stay ahead of your competition.



Get the complete candidate picture

With 6 assessment modules to select from, you can go beyond ability and gain deeper insights.

Language Fluency

Competency-based Video Interviews



Get the best personalized solution

Our skilled consultants will configure the ideal Hire solution for your organization and your specific roles.

Quickly identify top candidates

Hire’s overall fit score enables you to make objective decisions combining data from multiple measures.


Trust our science and rigor

Hire was developed by our team of in-house I-O psychologists and psychometricians with validation and insights from over 300 million data points.

Meaningful candidate experience

Deliver meaningful candidate assessments and insightful feedback.

A recruitment solution for any volume

Whether you’re managing 20 or 20,000 candidate applications, Hire delivers a great experience and identifies your best-match. 

Let your brand
shine to your candidates

Bring your Hire solution to life and improve candidate experience with your own branding, imagery and videos.

  • Assess what matters most by choosing from any of Hire’s 6 modules and against pre-set or customizable job profiles 

  • Quickly identify who to progress with Hire’s overall fit score

  • Get more from your interviews with role-specific competency-based interview guides 

  • Make involvement of line managers easier through Hire’s easy-to-understand reports and dashboards 

  • Save time with optional candidate self-registration

  • Multi-media enabled branding engages candidates and creates a deeper connection throughout the assessment process 

  • Tailored assessments and content give candidates a realistic preview of the role

  • Candidates become part of a two-way experience with the opportunity to assess their match with your culture and values, ahead of assessment 

  • Convenient and intuitive – Hire is mobile first, with short engaging assessments

  • Available in over 195 countries and in 30 languages – allowing you to scale your talent acquisition solution internationally 

  • Promotes objectivity and reduces bias in your selection strategy

  • A solution that can grow with you, and be configured to specific roles and industries

  • The data captured delivers insights to enhance your talent management practices

  • Provides you with confidence knowing that your assessment and selection strategy is backed by extensive validation research, data and sound psychometrics 

  • Seamless integration with your ATS





Strategic employers are already reaping the benefits of Cubiks’ selection solutions. They’ve seen massive reductions in time-to-hire, increased objectivity, decreased drop-out rates and cost savings of up to $1m a year. Isn’t it time you experienced Hire?





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