Our talented and innovative technology teams constantly evolve our platforms, offering you ever-expanding options for configuration and flexibility.

Technology without limits.

To get the best from your tech, you need everything to work in harmony. Whether you want to integrate our selection assessments into your Applicant Tracking System, or take advantage of the wider portfolio of tools offered via our strategic alliance network, we’ll guide you through the integration process.

We believe that technology should adapt to you. We offer enormous scope to showcase your employer brand by embedding break screens, videos and virtual tours that will  create a lasting experience for candidates.  Our platforms are designed to allow easy user configuration and are built to deliver an optimized mobile experience so that candidates are offered maximum flexibility.

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Creating synergy in your systems.

In this increasingly interconnected world, it’s never been more important for companies to ensure that the different software systems they rely on can talk to each other. That’s why we have designed our systems to enable flexible integration.   We have a wealth of experience in integrating our platform, enabling you to enjoy using all your solutions in synergy and reducing your tech stack.

Cubiks' technological integration capabilities allow you to:

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Save time and minimize frustration with solutions that effortlessly collaborate.

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Streamline recruitment and reduce administration time integrating Cubiks’ tools with your Applicant Tracking System.

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Join a growing ecosystem and benefit from an expanding range of exciting tech partners.

Cubiks' innovations & alliances allow you to:

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Take advantage of the many flexible options to configure your assessment reports.

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Capitalize on the latest advances from our alliances network; video interviewing system, online business simulations, VR training,, language testing, semantic analysis software and more.

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Gain impartial advice from our experts on the best new HR tech on the market.

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Freedom to choose the very best solutions.

At Cubiks, we keep an open mind. We know we’re not the only ones building innovative HR tools. There’s a wealth of technology out there that you might want to utilize in your assessments such as virtual reality, video interviewing, semantic analysis and more. We’re always bringing in new innovations from our expanding network of alliance partners to deliver the best in HR technology.

Talent management driven by technology, alliances and platform integration

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Screen Candidates

Seamlessly integrate screening solutions to save time and money


Select The Best

Integrate technology and solutions to select top talent.

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Identify Talent

Use the smartest tools and tech to identify future stars.

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Develop Your Workforce

Technology driven development to empower your people.




Join us to experience the freedom and flexibility of an expanding, open HR tech ecosystem. The opportunities are endless and the sky's the limit.




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