PAPI 3 User Training


PAPI 3 User Training - 1.5 days

Learn how to administer, interpret and apply the most progressive personality inventory available. You will leave our 1.5 day training session with confidence that you can leverage the full value of PAPI for informing selection, development, coaching, teaming and more...and we are always there to support you.

PAPI User Training: $1195 per participant*

User Training: Open enrollment training in Rosemont, IL (Greater Chicago)

August 2-3 2018

PAPI 3 Model and Instrument:

  • Pre-work: A 3-4 hour, self-paced e-learning course
  • Workshop: A 1.5 day, in-person practicum to learn and practice the principles and nuances of interpretation, delivering feedback and planning for development


Register three weeks or more prior to training.

Contact Valerie Compher: or 847.441.1847 or submit interest using the template below.


*Workshop includes PAPI e-learning course, workshop materials, User’s Guides, a personal PAPI™3  assessment and wide range of reports.

Three or more of you seeking training?  Contact Cubiks to arrange for onsite User Training for your team or group.

PAPI 3 User Training